Monday, 1 July 2013

Dexter Season 8 'A Beautiful Day'

The Beginning of the end is finally upon us; end of an era, but the question on all of our lips is... What is going to happen to Dexter in the final series of the hit Tv show? 

6 months have passed since La Guerta's death and all seems to be going well for Dexter. On the other hand Deb hasn't faired so well often reminiscing of that night in the container where she shot dead her captain.  Things couldn't be better for Dexter, he has coached Harrison Soccer team to victory and even reunited the bowling team so its clear he is doing a better job than Deb. Batista has re-joined the force although he is having personal troubles of his own with coming to terms with Le Guerta's death, Quinn and Jamie have taken their relationship to the 'next level' without Batista knowing of course. Experienced neuropsychiatrist Dr. Vogel was introduced, straight away taking aim at Dexter, after an awkward first meeting where Dexter is quizzed on the mind of a psychopath it becomes evident that Vogel has a hidden agenda. The second meeting doesn't get much better for Dexter as he is presented with an envelope what contains some of Dexter's childhood drawings of murdered stick figures, Dexter reacts furiously going after Vogel and pushing her up against the wall in which she replies with "You can't kill me,It doesn't meet Harry's code." Little does she know that the 'code' is slowly losing its grasp of Dexter.

What we learnt? 

Dexter is losing it, the code isn't as influential as it once was; putting everybody in Dexter's path a threat and in danger. Unlike any other season it seems that Dexter is under surveillance form the get go. Batista is sure to be the next one to turn on Dexter, being in possession of La guerta's old stuff it seems inevitable for Batista to become suspicious of Dex and follow on where his old spouse left off. With the re introduction of Hannah Mckay things can only go from bad to worse for Dexter Morgan. 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Worlds End!

It was recently announced that Pegg and Frost will be returning in upcoming Sci Fi/comedy-'The Worlds End!'
With many familiar faces making a return surely The Worlds end has to be a hit?

Big shoes to fill as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz were very successful for everybody involved. From the trailer we see that it follows Five childhood friends who reunite after many years apart to repeat and hopefully conquer the legendary pub crawl that beat them many years back, and make it to the final pub 'The Worlds End' However, as the Crawl advances the group notice that things have taken an unexpected turn in their old town.

With the iconic fence jumping scene; what has become a trademark for Pegg, The worlds End is a much needed revival of the Pegg-Frost combination and promises to be as good as it's predecessors!
With it being the final installment in the self named 'Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy' the first starting back in 2004 Shaun Of the Dead and continuing in 2007 in the form of Hot Fuzz, so this marks the end Simon Pegg, director Edgar Wright and Nick Frost combination.

The Film is scheduled to be released in the U.K on (19th of July) and a little later for The U.S (23rd of August). Here's the trailer...


Thursday, 6 June 2013

R.I.P. Childhood.

I recently noticed that most of the programs I grew up watching have either finished or went completely down-hill. Drake and Josh, Malcom in the Middle, Llyod in Space, Recess, just to name a few are distant memories and are long gone. Obviously times change and people grow out of those programs but they were absolutely epic!

These days the shows I watch consists of Mad men, Two and a half men, Big bang theory etc...
But for nostalgia purposes I'll try to catch an episode or two of Drake and Josh or something to remind me of the good old days.
The one's I feel truly sorry for are the youngsters growing up now, I'm not too familiar with the latest T.v shows but judging from the adverts they look god awful, no originality what so ever and you cringe just watching.
I suppose my logic applies to many things, games are not as good anymore, bring back Nintendo 64!
Disney movies have become terrible as of late (apart from Toy story 3).

The point of this post is to acknowledge the classics that many of us grew up with So I'll say it again R.I.P. childhood, we had a good run....

I Give It a Year (Review)

Written and directed by Borat and Bruno producer Dan Mazer 'I Give it a Year' wasn't going to compare on the craziness scale, so it could be described as a change of pace for the controversial producer.

  Two opposites, ambitious Nat (Rose Bryne) and under-achieving writer Josh (Ralf Spall) get married after meeting at party in a love at first sight kind of ordeal; within 7 months. With friends naturally skeptical about the relationship, Nat and Josh believe they can make it work even after a hilarious best man speech from Josh's mate Dan (Stephen Merchant).
But with josh's old flame Chloe (Anna Faris) still on the scene and newly formed business associate/potential love interest Guy (Simon Baker) arriving, how long and difficult will it be for the couples marriage to last?

Apart from the best man speech I found 'I give it a year' pretty UN-entertaining, unsatisfactory and dull. It tries to hard to be clever but doesn't work and you can pretty much hazard a guess on what is going to happen next. The film has a very awkward feel running throughout it, to such a point it becomes the main theme of the whole movie; with the typical cliche banter of a British rom-com its pretty UN-original and often reminded me of the 2012 film '5 Year Engagement' in the sense of a couple who's judgement on marriage is clouded along with their prioritize!
I wouldn't recommend going out of your way to watch this movie but depending on your taste of genre it could appeal to a specific audience. Also the marketing team behind the trailer deserve a round of applause as the trailer did it justice! (Well played.) 

I Give it a year received a 4/10 from me.

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Rafe Spall ...
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